Terry Down, Jigsaw Corporate Financial Management Ltd

Terry was already known to several members of the group having given them pension advice in the past few years. Whilst pensions really are one of Terry’s specialist areas, and he can be heard at every opportunity telling the young ‘uns to get a pension plan started now, or telling the old ‘uns to make sure we’ve got the right pension plan, he also covers all the aspects of investment and protection that we need to know about.

On the investment front he helps you decide what is the best vehicle for your precious savings to grow in, everything from cautious bonds to adventurous developing world equities, and he has a very thorough approach to assessing your risk profile as well as a good range of products to offer through the Financial Services network he works under. And talking of risk, he also urged us to think about insurance protection. Not just life assurance, but also critical illness cover so that if we are debilitated by some health issue, we can still maintain some semblance of our current lifestyle.

All important topics, and we could see how Terry’s years of experience and thorough approach could help us deal with things most of us would rather not think about.