How Networking can help your Business – Roger Lamb, Action Coach

Our guest speaker at Launch Day was Roger Lamb of Action Coach. Roger is a business development coach who helps small business owners in and around Southampton, Eastleigh and Chandler’s Ford achieve accelerated business growth. Today Roger presented a ten minute overview of how business owners could make the most of networking opportunities to grow their businesses.

Working with examples from the audience of their expectations from networking, Roger illustrated that networking is not about attending with the objective of selling. If we all came to the meeting with the sole objective of selling our services, we would end up with a room full of sellers and no buyers! Networking should be about building up trusted relationships so that people have the confidence to refer you onwards to their own networks of trusted contacts, networks which may have a thousand people in them.

Building trusted networks requires repeated contact, such as you get in a networking group where you see people on a regular basis. It also requires generosity on your part to give advice and assistance and to give referrals on a regular basis as well as just taking them from others. It’s not about going for the quick, hard sell.

Everything Roger said was entirely in agreement with the objectives of Networking Chandler’s Ford’s founding members, and we were delighted when after the meeting he handed over a filled in membership form. We’re looking forward to hearing more of his words of wisdom at future meetings.