Denzil Emerson Testimonial

Thank you to Denzil for renewing my faith in insurance brokers!

Following a car accident at the beginning of November 2011, I have had nothing but problems with my previous car insurers, particularly with regards to communication, or rather because of a lack of communication on several occasions, between departments and myself which have left me angry, distressed and frustrated. At the beginning of 2012 this is still continuing as I found out that information I sent to them has mysteriously disappeared.

How refreshing then that the people I have spoken with at Denzil’s company Giles Insurance not only keep me informed of what is happening, but volunteer information as to what to expect next, pass on messages to each other as requested, keep accurate up-to-date records so that everyone who should do knows the current situation, actually do what they say they will do when they said they would do it, and have made the switch to a new insurance company a painless and pleasant experience!

Thank you especially, Tracy Cowhig, for the excellent customer service I have received from you – and also thanks to Denzil Emerson via the excellent referral system of Networking Chandlers Ford for the initial introduction!

-Anne Waggott